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Keeping the community clean 

The amount of rubbish and general clutter that households accumulate over the years is never ending. The bigger our community grows and the longer we live, the more we consume! This often leaves our households overflowing with unwanted items and rubbish that we dont know what to do with. Fortunately there are local businesses like Adelaide Rubbish that can help keep our community clean.   

General Rubbish and Hard Rubbish.jpeg

Let's be honest, we all have too much junk.  We're consuming more food, product and services than ever before. In some ways they contribute to our well being, and in others they are simply necessary for us to live our lives.  The consistent chase to always have the latest and greatest "thing" means we're in a constant state of adding to our personal stockpile of possessions and our houses and businesses quickly become over run with too much clutter.  In some instances we move suburbs and our new dwelling cant accommodate our list of belongings.  Old Furniture, Fridges, Washers, Old Electronic devices, and more are often left to the side as they dont fit our new homes size or decor and we're therefore left with all these items to dispose of.

On the greener side of life, our gardens continue to grow. In storms, the local trees sometimes blow over or we undergo changes to our living by improving our garden scapes. This often leaves an abundance of green waste that is messy, and hard to dispose of. 

That's where businesses like Adelaide Rubbish come in. Servicing Aberfoyle Park, Flagstaff Hill. Happy Valley and basically all suburbs in metropolitan Adelaide, they take care of all general rubbish, hard rubbish, green waste and virtually anything that you want to rid yourself of.  They charge a fee that covers them loading the rubbish, taking it away and the disposal.  Businesses and residents in the southern suburbs surrounding Aberfoyle park have been using Adelaide Rubbish for over a decade. 

They can often offer a Same or Next day pick up service and can therefore leave your place clean and rubbish free. So if you live in Aberfoyle Park, please do your best to keep our suburb clean. Dont leave unwanted junk on the footpaths, or in your front yard.  Call Adelaide Rubbish, point them to what needs taking and they'll do the rest.  

To find out more simply visit their website at

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